An Update on this Vaccination Schedule

In the newsletter New Developments: New Angles on Developmental Delays (Spring 2005, Vol. 10, No.3), the following entry is in its News and Comments section (p 3), titled “Friendly Vaccine Schedule Encounters a Glitch." It says, "Dr. Donald Miller, author of the ‘User Friendly vaccine Schedule’ published in the last newsletter [Copywrite 200LewRockwell.com in 2004], has discovered that the D and T of the DPT are no longer available separately, without thimerosal.  Unless the vaccine manufacturers can be pressured to make separate thimerosal-free D, T, and P vaccines, it will be impossible, unfortunately, to follow the ‘user friendly’ vaccination schedule as written.  Miller believes that the risk of the combined DPT vaccine, even after age two, outweighs its benefits, so it is better to do without these shots.”

In my research on this subject, I was persuaded that Dr. Russell Blaylock is correct in recommending that vaccinations only be given after the age of two, one at a time, and no closer than six months apart--and that a "user friendly" schedule should include only D, T, P and polio, the four "traditional" vaccines.  I did not think before writing the article to ascertain (assuming it to be the case) that one could indeed obtain separate D, T, and P vaccines without thimerosal.

On further investigation I have found that T and D can be obtained separately, but they contain thimerosal/mercury.  GlaxoSmithKline made a separate pertussis vaccine for the APERT trial, but apparently no longer does so.  A Japanese company is said to make one (?without thimerosal), but I cannot determine who it is.  If your pediatrician can obtain single-dose vials of D and T then those would have only an inconsequential trace of thimerosal, but they are apparently hard to find as well.  That leaves only the polio vaccine.

For a good discussion of why one should avoid most vaccines on the CDC's schedule I recommend Dr. Sherry Tenpenny's (3-hour) DVD titled "Vaccines: the Risks, the Benefits, the Choices."  (Amazon.com has it, as do other sites.).