Heart in Hand delves into a variety of subjects–music, philosophy, religion, science, and my life as a heart surgeon.  I address bacteriology, evolutionary biology, physics, the music of Richard Wagner, and, in particular, the philosophy of Schopenhauer and Woody Allen’s films.  The book focuses on sex, religion, compassion, and art–four ways, as Schopenhauer shows us, humans can peek inside the castle of ultimate reality, where the secrets of the inner nature of the world and all things in it reside. Theologians, people who study philosophy and love music, and Woody Allen fans will enjoy reading this book.  Perhaps even some scientists as well.

You can download the book below, chapter by chapter, or print out all six chapters together, along with illustrations that are not in the published book. You can order hardback or paperback copies from amazon.com or directly from  the publisher, xlibris.com, either online or by phone: 1-888-795-4274.


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