This book is dedicated to the memory of my sister Nancy (1946-1978)


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Preface (8 pages)

1 Getting What One Wants (34 pages)

We all want what we can't have in life. It's a natural thing.

Woody Allen  Broadway Danny Rose

2 The Significance of Sex (25 pages)

Man is incarnate sexual instinct, since he owes his origin to copulation and the wish of his wishes is to copulate.

Arthur Schopenhauer  The World as Will and Representation

3 The Philosophical, Moral, and Medical Importance of Compassion (24 pages)

Compassion... an impersonal, yet somehow natural love, cementing the very atoms.

John Clellon Holmes   Go

4 Searching for God (29 pages)

We follow the turn of the road and it leads us on.  Where?  To actuality; ourselves, others and God.

Jack Kerouac  Travel Diary 1948-49

5 The Metaphysics of Music (28 pages)

There are no wrong notes.

Thelonious Monk

6 Confronting Death (26 pages)

Sonia:  What's it [death] like?

Boris:  You know the chicken in Tresky's restaurant?  It's worse.

Woody Allen  Love and Death

Postscript (3 pages)

Notes (20 pages)

Complete Book with Index (203 pages)

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My patient, George Crosby

21,000 year old bas-relief sculpture of the Venus of   Laussel

Jack Kerouac

Wilhelm Furtwängler

A patient who could not be weaned from the heart lung machine


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