Dr. Miller:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Truly a fine example of that.

Did the US stockpile this nastiness too? You never mentioned.

Great article. Very informative.

John Noto

[My reply:  Until the Soviet Union collapsed there were two repositories of smallpox virus--Russia and the U.S., which still has it. Clinton extended the deadline the World Health Organization set for destroying all stocks of the virus until the end of 2002.  We'll see it that deadline gets extended further.  Both the Soviet Union and the U.S. signed a treaty decades ago not to make biological weapons.  The Russians ignored it.  Presumably the U.S. has adhered to it.  There is no evidence anywhere that I know of that the U.S. has weaponized smallpox.]


Thank your so very much for your excellent article
posted today regarding smallpox.

If a smallpox outbreak does occur, the information
here may save my life. It may save the lives of

I have a close friend in the Army Reserves. His unit
is likely to go active and sent to Iraq, in which case
he would probably be vaccinated for smallpox. If after
some further research I decide that arm-to-arm
vaccination is not overly dangerous, I will receive a
vaccination through him. And so will, perhaps, the
rest of my family.

Janssen Kuhn


Old age hasn't turned against me, but the disease may do it.
Thanks to the information you've provided, it's another item
of knowledge that may, hopefully not, become valuable....especially
here in Israel

Fred Reifenberg


A most important piece. The PC lobby (actually it is worse than just PC; PC
is part of the state's apparatus) will kill us. The Hep B thing is a
scandal; Kind of a way to reinforce that we all have the risks homosexual
and IV drug users have; it's a sort of moral leveling of the playing field,
and a way to normalize those life styles.

I didn't understand though how we can practically vaccinate ourselves. We
would have to find someone with a lesion, or a cow… 

Ilana Mercer


That is a marvelous paper. Wonderful contribution to this current and timely debate over the use and misuses of biological weaponry and potential preventive strategies.

May I presume it is for distribution?

Steve Barchet


Why do you really think the CDC does not want the public to be able to
vaccinate themselves against smallpox pre-emptively? Its almost as if they
would like to see some of us die or something. Its preposterous that if we
have the ability to negate Hussein's bioweapon that we would not use it and
make it known to him that our populace is impervious to his most potent
terror weapon.
Just cant understand, Michael Winnett,
Smyrna, TN

[My reply: In our "no-risk" society I think the CDC is afraid of the flack it would get when several deaths from mass vaccination occurred, particularly in people with AIDS.  Of course that will be nothing like the outrage that will directed at this agency when people start dieing enmass after a smallpox attack because they were not allowed access to the vaccine before the attack occurred.  They are shortsighted.]


Terrific article. Scared me silly, but I already knew smallpox was scary stuff.

You provide quite a bit of interesting and little-known data. I was stunned, for example, by how dramatic the depopulation of natives in North and South America was. All of it was interesting.

Some of it will surely save lives, if we ever have to deal with a smallpox epidemic or bio-attack. Thanks for providing the information. I sent the piece out to friends.

Glen Allport


Are there commercial sources for the vaccine, or is it all in the hands of officials?  If I told my doc I was to travel to the third world?

Can my pediatrician brother order it and vaccinate us at Thanksgiving?  Do you have a colleague in Chicago?

Thomas B. Golz, Chicago, IL

[My reply:  All existing stocks of smallpox vaccine is in the hands of Federal government officials.  New vaccine being made will be purchased by the Federal government and controlled by the CDC.  There are no commercial sources for it (and no black market for it as yet that I know of).  Physicians who request vaccine from the CDC are denied access to it.  Your only alternative at this point is to get it arm-to-arm from someone in the military gets vaccinated before being shipped to Iraq.]


I read your article on variolation with interest but I have a question about
the procedure. How is the virus introduced into the skin? I assume that the
vaccine is simply the pus from a victim but would swabbing it on unbroken
skin be effective? Must it be injected subcutaneously or could it just be
rubbed into a cut?

Thanks for the article,

Gregson Vaux
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Carnegie-Mellon University

[My reply: You draw fluid from the blister that forms on person's innoculation site with a 1 cc syringe on a 21 or 23 gauge needle and get a drop of fluid on the tip of the needle.  You then poke the needle 15 times on the skin of the upper arm just below the shoulder, only hard enough to get just a small drop of blood.  With vaccinia virus a blister should form at the site wihin 7 days.  If not, it needs be done again. Don't inject it subcutaneously or rub it in a cut.


Thanks, Don.

Pop quiz: What's Largepox? Answer: large spots on the skin from syphilis, according to medical history textbooks.

Thanks for the updated references & information. We didn't have all of this when we wrote our WorldNetDaily articles:



As you'll no doubt observe, it's hard to get much detail in these 750-800 word pieces, compared with your 3000 words.

We doubt that "overall mortality rate for smallpox in unvaccinated people" would be the 30 percent experienced in prior decades, what with IV meds, pain killers, etc. As Lowell Wood noted, promising antivirals should be in the pipeline.

Thanks for again pointing out the flaws - and flawed thinking - in having a single, central (and centrally-controlled) stockpile of vaccine.

Bob Cihak

Robert J. Cihak, M.D.
Past President, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)
Columnist for WorldNetDaily.com




I read your article with great interest. If you will do the research as I have you will find that colloidal silver at 15 ppm and even at 5 ppm will effectively kill all vireo, fungi, and bacterium. It would be in everyone best interest to consume colloidal silver in these concentrations. You would have to consume 8 to 16 ozs. daily for approximately 10 days to wipe out all infectious disease in the human body.

Warmest Regards,
Noel L. Singletary
Fort Bend County Texas Coordinator
We The People Congress


Thank you for the most informative article about smallpox, which was
posted at the website lewrockwell.com
Your field is of course medicine and its application, so you did not
address the ethics of manufacturing smallpox virus as a possible weapon, and
what ought to be done to the people who have done so.
As I understand it, nothing has been done to these people, and nothing is
Well, now.
Fifty years after WWII doddering old men who participated in the
incarceration and murder of Jews are still being hunted down and prosecuted.
Why, then, has the "world community" not hunted down and imprisoned or
executed every scientist, doctor and politician who participated in the
manufacture of smallpox virus weapons?
There is a truly frightening level of corruption involved here.
This is not your field, I know, and this Email is not a criticism. I
just wanted to share the thought with you.
Thank you again.
best regards,
wesley kemp
minneapolis, mn

[My reply:  One could look at it this way:  Smallpox used as a bioweapon is a weapon of mass destruction, like a nuclear bomb.  No one, as yet, has used it as a weapon.  The U.S. has made nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and has used them on a civilian population.  From an ethical standpoint, what should be done to whom?  Thanks for your comments.]


My name is Thomas Nixon, I am a police officer with the Houston Police Department, Houston, Texas.  I have already had the occassion of being scared out my wits, because I thought I had been exposed to tuberculosis, a couple of years ago.  I had fought with, and arrested a suspect who had full blown tuberculosis.  Fortunately, I didn't get it.  I am afraid of something like that happening with smallpox or hepatitis.  Is there anyway to get inoculated as a first responding emergency worker?  I would be willing to fly to Seattle to have it done, I believe my life is worth it....

Any advise would be appreciated,

Thank you for your work, Thomas Nixon

[My reply:  Thank you for your nice comments.  If the government decides to go ahead and vaccinate 500,000 health workers and responders we both might be able to get it the regular way.  If not, look for someone in the military.  If a chain of arm-to-arm vaccinations gets going here in Seattle, I will let you know about it.]