Reader comments on "Viewing Twenty-First Century America from Ground Zero":

Dear Dr. Miller:
Thank you for your commentary.
Within it is enough important material to ponder for weeks.  Before 9-11-01 I had no political or economic sophistication whatsoever, and despite viewing myself as an intelligent human being, I was contented to be one of the American sheep led by politicians spouting platitudes I didn't even recognize as such.  The power of conditioning!
Since then I have embarked on a study of libertarian economics and philosophy, and truly, it is as if scales have fallen from my eyes.  I will never view history, nor the  national and international scene the same, as a result of this newfound interest and study.  Much of my present outlook has been shaped by reading commentaries such as yours.
I appreciate your efforts in writing this commentary and providing links.  I can only hope that the Internet will continue to be this great forum for the dissemination of information and alternative enquiry, and that the community of libertarians will continue to flourish.
There is no substitute for understanding.
Dennis Spain


I've been thinking what this ghastly situation demands is an unforgettable poem that says it all, an "invincible threnody" if there ever were such a thing.  I think you've done it.  Unforgettable and absolutely true.  

Best, Tom White

["Threnody" (I didn't know what it meant and had to look it up) means "A song of lamentation, a dirge."  This definition is from the Oxford English Dictionary.  Threnody is not in the Microsoft Encarta Dictionary.  Yet another example, I am sad to say, of the dumbing down of Americans.  The American vocabulary is becoming increasingly truncated.]


Brilliant and an expose at that.
Thanks for sharing. The html site shows an icon - send to a friend. I shall definitely do so -- sending to many. Hope you don't object.

Steve Barchet


Your essay on Rockwell today, "Viewing 21st Century America from Ground Zero", is surely one of the best critiques ever on Rockwell--loaded with information.

Thank you for the time it must have taken to research these multiple aspects and the "metaphor" of the WTC.  I would like to print and distribute this ONLY with your permission. It has been a while since an essay such as yours brought so much pleasure and learning: dulce et utile.

Yours truly,  John Correll


AMEN!! Dr. Miller! I think you've hit the proverbial nail on its head; thank you! I will forward your article - and hope.

Sincerely,  Claude A. Bohn, Louisville, Kentucky


Thank you so very much for this well written, well-researched and much needed story to be told. I have for many years been aware of the declining of this nation beginning with its (the feds) embracing of the UN.  Although this was not the beginning it was the first of a continuing series of questions that led me to begin to question those in authority.

History is being written every day and as it will be pointed out in the forth-coming book, "The Rise and Fall of The United States”, we are well into the 'fall' chapters. of its history.

Never the less, I, as you and others must no give up, the future of our "Grandchildren" of which I have several depend on us.

In retrospect Patrick Henry has not received the respect on his views of liberty and individual freedom “Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!” in a speech in the Virginia Convention, March, 1775, that he should have. Several quotations by him as well as Thomas Jefferson and others of that day, that on the surface might be (and have been by centralist) considered (by today’s standards) radical and could have been written by someone mentally unbalanced are now being understood by those of us who read independently of government propaganda.

This is not going unnoticed by those in government. Note eleven new minimum-security prisons in addition to all the new un-constitution laws being passed, which reminds me of what Thomas Jefferson had to say about the judiciary’, I was looking for another quote when I ran across this one for the first time. "Either force or corruption has been the principle of every modern government." --Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, 1796.  How appropriate, and again in view of the present government he is proving to have been correct.

I will close for now, I get started I don’t know when to stop.

Thanks again, I am going to see that may more read this.

Johnnie Sancedio


Hi Donald, I read your article about the removal of Civil Rights in the good old USA.  Well you may be interested to know that the very same things are happening in Australia....   

 I am pleased to note that at least a few US citizens are starting to wake up as to what is really happening to them and to the rest of the World.  I wish you well.

Best Regards, Mike Macaulay...  Western Australia


Dear Sir.

I enjoyed this and other articles you wrote.  The following comment is sent to you as an aside, not in any manner meant as a criticism.

In our mixed economy, few things are "pure."  Even though the World Trade Center represented freedom and the power of capitalism as you so well described, it was built on land that was forcibly taken using the power of eminent domain.  It was also owned by a government agency, the Port Authority.

Yours in freedom, Park Burrets